Turn your team from frazzled to focused
Eat, move, think well is a joint venture between three industry professionals with the aim to inspire your team to work healthier, happier and hyper-efficiently.

We offer lunch ‘n’ learn workshops in your workplace:

  • An eating plan that will keep you energised during your work day & improve your overall health.
  • Caffeine-free pick me ups when the afternoon slump hits.
  • 3 healthy ‘take-to-work lunches’ you can make in under 15 minutes.

  • Top 3 exercises to counteract sitting postures at a desk.
  • Interactive spinal hygiene exercise demo with handouts.
  • Review on the importance of posture and nervous system health and how it impacts stress and overall health.

  • 3 Techniques for a happier headspace during your work day.
  • Is self-talk holding you back? Strategies to break through and take control.
  • Proven tools to focus your thoughts.



By decreasing stress both physically and mentally and increasing fuel through nutrition, you can kick-start a change in culture and environment.

Introductory 1 hr lunch ‘n’ learn workshop

Motivating session for your team

Three engaging talks

Knowledge and tools to increase efficiency

Follow up options

Meet your professionals:

Wendy Middleton

Nutritionist & Wholefoods Caterer

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As a caterer & nutritionist I bring a unique combination of skills that can provide your team with the knowledge & tools to achieve optimal health through the food they eat. We are also specialists in providing delicious & nutritious catering for your events. We love to make you look good.


Chiropractor & Posture Consultant

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Dr. Sarah is a passionate speaker who loves to inspire people to take their health to the next level. Speaking at both small and large companies, Dr. Sarah has a mission to give workplaces strategies to minimise stress and increase team culture and productivity. Just like we learn how to brush our teeth, if we learn how to brush our spine we function at a higher level. If the office is functioning at a higher level, this benefits both employee and employer.


Certified Mindset & Culture Creator

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How powerful is your mind? My expertise is in human potential, working with individuals and teams to create resourceful mindsets and cultures. With Danish directness and a big heart, I cut to the chase to help my clients get awareness and tools to take ownership of their mindset, creating extraordinary results.

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